RouteCab is a carpooling platform that helps people connect with drivers and passengers going the same way. It allows users to choose their carpool partners based on profiles, star ratings, and connections. The goal of RouteCab is to reduce vehicle emissions, save time and money, and help people make new friends while traveling.

The Idea Behind


RouteCab was created with the idea of making it easier and more affordable for people to carpool from city to city in Pakistan. By connecting drivers and passengers who are traveling in the same direction, RouteCab aims to reduce traffic, save money, and create a community of people who are interested in reducing their carbon footprint.

Challenges &


One of the biggest challenges faced by RouteCab is ensuring the safety of its users. To address this, RouteCab has implemented a rating and verification system for drivers and passengers. Additionally, RouteCab allows users to pay and get paid for rides online, eliminating the need for awkward cash exchanges.

Tech Stack Used

RouteCab is built using a combination of different technologies, including Android Native, Laravel, VueJS, NodeJS, Firebase, and WordPress. This combination of technologies provides a robust and scalable platform for RouteCab to build upon.