NaijaGas is a mobile app and web platform that provides users with access to convenient and reliable gas refills and general utilities. With NaijaGas, users can book their gas refills and utilities quickly and easily, with just a few basic details, and have the option to pay either online or cash on delivery. The platform supports all major cooking gas providers, making it easy for users to find the gas provider that meets their needs.

The Idea Behind


NaijaGas was created to address the challenges that many people face when trying to refill their gas or access general utilities. The platform was designed with convenience and accessibility in mind, making it easy for users to book their gas refills and utilities from the comfort of their homes, without having to waste time or effort.

Challenges &


One of the biggest challenges in developing NaijaGas was ensuring that the platform was user-friendly and easy to navigate. To overcome this challenge, the development team chose to use a mobile-first design approach, with a focus on simplicity and accessibility. This made it easy for users to book their gas refills and utilities with just a few taps, even on smaller screens.

Tech Stack Used

The tech stack used for the development of NaijaGas includes Cordova for iOS and Android, Laravel, and Firebase. Cordova was used for the front-end development, providing a fast and smooth user experience, while Laravel was used for the back-end, providing robust security and scalability. Firebase was used for data storage and real-time updates, ensuring that users had access to the latest information at all times. The combination of these technologies allowed the development team to create a fast, secure, and user-friendly platform that met the needs of its users.