Hospitality Broker

Hospitality Broker is a mobile and web app designed to connect clients with service providers for their events. The app provides a platform for clients to easily search for and book the required services and supplies, while also providing effective publicity for the service providers.

The Idea Behind

Hospitality Broker

The idea behind the Hospitality Broker is to simplify the process of finding and booking the required services for events. The app is aimed at making it easier for clients to find and connect with the right service providers, and for the providers to showcase their services to potential customers.

Challenges &


One of the main challenges faced by clients in finding the right service providers for their events is the time-consuming process of searching through different providers and comparing their rates and services. Hospitality Broker solves this challenge by providing a centralized platform where clients can easily search and compare the services offered by different providers.

Tech Stack Used

Hospitality Broker is developed using Flutter for iOS and Android, Laravel for web development, and VueJS for the front-end. The app uses Firebase for real-time data storage and communication.